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Use passion to make a difference

We all have a passion in life, cliche as it might sound. Maybe it's something you keep to yourself or something you shout about daily. I have always loved Dolphins and if asked what animal/mammal I would rather be it would be a Dolphin. Free in the water, (so they always should be) to play and explore.

I signed a petition on Dolphin Project asking Walt Disney World Resort; Jeff Vahle, President of Walt Disney World Resort; Josh D'Amaro, Chairman, Disney Parks; Thomas Mazloum, President, Disney Signature Experiences to Petition: Save the Disney Dolphins.

Save the Disney Dolphins (SADD) together with Dolphin Project, are asking Disney to retire the captive dolphins at Epcot, and to cease sales to any captive dolphin programs on Disney cruises. Please join us by signing and sharing this petition.

Can you join me and take action?

Click here:

Have a great day wherever you are and I look forward to sharing more content on my Natural Soul website

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