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Life in 2022 (is it really 21st Century?)

Life certainly has it's ups and downs but always looking forward I can't wait for the spring (it's on it's way I promise) Losing my Dad a year ago (and everything Covid related) has made me evaluate my life and make sure I spend as much time as possible with loved ones. This in itself is a feat (can't say worse than death, because obviously it's not!!) but it certainly is a challenge. Everyone has such busy lifestyles and are finding their own paths in life. Make sure you plan people, make dates, put time in your diary for you and your friends, laugh lots and enjoy life to the full.

I love Reflexology and all that it brings me and my clients and eventually I will be able to carry out more but at the moment I am working full time, thankfully locally which does give me early evenings free. I am also about to embark on a sideline which will fit in perfectly with my whole ethos of enjoying life to the full and spending time with family and friends and acquaintances. I will be launching Natural Soul @ Temple Spa next week and am really excited about the beautiful products and people I get to work with.

Anyway all, stay safe, be kind and smile as much as you can.

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